Welcome to the Acoustic Sessions

Here in Making Music we pride ourselves on promoting up and coming talent and we always welcome our customers to come and perform in store. We provide all the recording equipment and we will also host the videos on our Youtube and Facebook channels. We are always looking to help the next up and coming star or even the keen enthusiast to get their music noticed and seen. Contact us if you would like to take part in one of our up and coming Acoustic Sessions. We also record demos of our new equipment for you all to see in action.

Acoustic Sessions 1-3

Acoustic Sessions #1

Sara Ryan

Making Music would like to formally welcome the amazing Sara Ryan to the Maton Guitars family with her new Handmade Maton Performer Series. Check out this short clip of an impromtu performance instore!

Acoustic Sessions #2

Rachel Grace

We were absolutely FLOORED by this one-take performance from Wexford's own Rachel Grace Music this morning for our Acoustic Sessions series. This is an original song she wrote called "Screamin' Out" which addresses the lack of adequate mental health care in Ireland.

Acoustic Sessions #3

Mark Murphy

On this week's Acoustic Sessions, give it up for Wexford's Mark Murphy with his own original song, "Crest." Mark is an active musician on the scene and is a seasoned singer & guitarist - keep an eye on his Facebook page and feel free to share this video around! Support local music!

Acoustic Sessions 4-6

Acoustic Sessions #4

Gary Stephens

On this week's Acoustic Sessions, please welcome the super talented Gary Stephens with his version of Free Fallin'! What a voice this man has.

Acoustic Sessions #5

Eoin Walsh

Give it up for Eoin Walsh from the band Taken.it with his own original song "Facepaint Freeze" live this week on our Acoustic Sessions!

Acoustic Sessions #6

Patricia Lalor

This week on the Making Music Acoustic Sessions, give it up for the young talented Patricia Lalor with her amazing version of "Best Friend" by Rex Orange County!

Acoustic Sessions 7-9

Acoustic Sessions #7

Sean Fox

This week we had the very young and talented Sean Fox. Sean performed his own original song "Run Run". Definitely one to watch for the future.

Acoustic Sessions #8

Stephen Murphy

This week in store we had Stephen Murphy. Here's Stephens rendition of "Kathy's Song" by Simon & Garfunkel. Great job Stephen.

Acoustic Sessions #9

Tony & Gadget

Check out Tony and Gadget performing Brad Paisley's "Nervous Breakdown" in store at the Making Music Acoustic Sessions. What a cool duo!

Acoustic Sessions 10-12

Acoustic Sessions #10

Rachel Grace

For our tenth Acoustic Sessions video we'd like to welcome back the amazing Rachel Grace with another original song "Nice Knowin' Ya" from her EP album "Routes." Accompanying Rachel is our own Colm Lindsay!

Acoustic Sessions #11

Carol & Edel

On this week's Acoustic Sessions we have the superb sister duo Carol & Edel performing an original song called "Rose" from Carol's EP "Roots Into The Ground." Just listen to those harmonies!

Acoustic Sessions #12

Oskar & Julia

Wow! We were simply blown away by this performance by Oskar & Julia, a husband & wife duo who hail all the way from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA! Here's an original song of theirs called "Rumbler"

Acoustic Sessions 13-15

Acoustic Sessions #13

Eoin Walsh

Eoin Walsh was back in for another performance. This time he performed his original song called "Secret Silk". Eoin and his band are active on the music scene so keep an eye on their Facebook page Taken.it

Acoustic Sessions #14

Tuesday at Six

For our 14th Acoustic Sessions we have the amazing Tuesday at Six perform their song "Passion Bubblegum". Keep an eye out for this local band as they are making big waves around Ireland!

Acoustic Sessions #15

Tony and Gadget

Always great having Tony and Gadget on the show! Here they are again performing a quick one-take of Tico Tico on our Maton Guitars in store.

Acoustic Sessions 16-18

Acoustic Sessions #16

Charlie Moloney's

This week in the acoustic sessions we had the very talented Charlie Maloney covering "Wings" by Birdy.

Acoustic Sessions #17

Mayfair Lane

We are delighted to welcome, all the way from Australia, Mayfair Lane. They performed their original song "Go Again." Check them out on Facebook and Instagram @mayfairlanemusic.

Acoustic Sessions #18

Naoise & Mark Murphy

Session 18 and we have Naoise and her father, Mark Murphy perform their cover of "The Night We Met" by Lord Huron.

Acoustic Sessions 19-21

Acoustic Sessions #19

Billy Roche

Wexford-born musician, playwright and actor Billy Roche joined us today along with Pete McCamley (percussion, vocals) and Mike Odlum (bass, vocals) to perform the track "I'm Gonna Take You Home" from their album Dead Man's Shoes!

Acoustic Sessions #20


This week in our acoustic sessions we have the pleasure of having local bank Elysium in store. Jess andMark perform a cover of the hit song 'Shallow' from the film A Star Is Born.

Acoustic Sessions #21

Luke Spellacy Shaw

It's always great to here new original material and this week we have the talented Luke Spellacy Shaw with his brand new original song Back to You!

Acoustic Sessions 22-24

Acoustic Sessions #22

Dave Clarke

On the Acoustic Sessions this week, we had the incredible David Clark, performing "Sinnerman" by Nina Simone. David will be enrolling upcoming artists with D&C Bookings and having them perform on the acoustic sessions!

Acoustic Sessions #23

Linda Cullen

On this week's Acoustic Sessions we had Lynda Cullen performing her song "Smoke Without a Fire,". This is the title track from her upcoming album.

Acoustic Sessions #24

Shane Hennesy

We had the incredible Shane Hennessy in store demoing a range of Maton Guitars and AER Amps. Sit back and listen to his version of Glenn Miller's "American Patrol" which had us gobsmacked!

Colm Lindsay demos some of our latest stock in store

Demo of Hamer Electric

Demo of Vintage Electric

Demo of Mooer Reecho, Hustle Drive and Ensemble King pedals